Analysis of traffic and customer behavior

Our platform provides data regarding visits,
loyalty and customer behavior during the stay in the store.
We optimize sales conversions.
We measure the effectiveness of marketing activities.


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Our offer

Traffic measurement

Using cameras and Smart sensors, we precisely measure the number of people entering your point of sale...

Behavior analysis

Our system allows you to check how the customer behaves when visiting the showroom. What interests him, ...

Sales conversion

Thanks to comparison of sales conversions between sales points, we can identify many problems and opportunities ...

ROI marketing

Advertising campaigns or fairs are designed to increase awareness of your brand and increase sales ...

Raports & Integrations

The system aggregates data from Wifi, cameras, beacons and other sources and presents it in clear reports ...

How does it work


We use and integrate several technologies, depending on customer needs and technical capabilities. This approach provides more accurate data and a lot of additional information about customer behavior in the showroom. We use video cameras with our advanced software that identifies each moving object and person. Our sensors detect unique mobile devices and use data anonymisation algorithms to analyze their location and statistical data.

How the Smart Labs Traffic foot traffic and customer experience analytics platform works